Fire drill in Arizon

In order to effectively strengthen our company’ s fire safety awareness, improve employees’ ability to deal with fire hazards, and accumulate practical experience in collective evacuation and fire self-help, our company held two fire emergency evacuation drill activities at 9:30 am and 20:30 pm on May 12, 2020. 

Before the activity, our company carefully designed the fire drill plan for employees to escape from the fire, rescue and evacuate etc. The activity officially started at 09:30 in the morning. An emergency assembly alarm sounded in the company, and all employees calmly and quickly evacuated to the designated location, following the prescribed route in an orderly manner. The entire exercise was finished in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, evacuated quickly and orderly, the route was clear, the progress was orderly, and the safety discipline was observed.

The success of this fire drill has provided safety guarantee for our company to fire accidents, and achieved effective results.




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