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A baggage tag that contains an RFID tag allows an airline to track luggage more effectively. The most common process relies on a barcode system which requires tedious scanning.

For passengers, the advantage is to track the baggage and be aware of its location, and easier check-in and simpler process for picking up luggage. For airports and airlines, the advantage is improved customer satisfaction, and a decrease in the number of lost items results in reduced costs and reduce departure delays.

Baggage RFID tags are used for tracking items along with their supply chain by marking products with RFID tags that contain the style, color, brand name, product code, manufacturing location, and more. Through UHF technology to expand the scanning range, even when there are many flights and baggage, it can still ensure an accurate and error-free sorting process, and easily achieve reliable tracking of air baggage.
In response to the needs of different applications, Arizon provides advantages such as high-temperature resistance, waterproofing, and group reading in complex environments. The RFID tag is combined with our independent antenna to form electrical performance and then enclosed in others, to achieve better reception efficiency.
  • Product material: Baggage Tag is mainly based on PET and paper material.
  • Product frequency range and reading range: In the materials corresponding to the application scenario requirements, the product frequency band includes UHF full frequency band 860~960MHz, HF frequency band is about 13.56MHz, and its reading range depends on the application scenario requirements, and the reading distance is from several centimeters to 20 to 30 meters.
  • Product interface type: Our products interface types can be divided into ISO/IEC 18000-63 (formerly 18000-6C) and EPC Gen2, ISO14443A, and ISO15693.
  • Product memory capacity: The maximum memory capacity can reach 64KB
  • Temperature range: The temperature range is -40℃~240℃.
  • Related quality certification standards: Our products already have passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 quality system certification.

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