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  • 2019-08-15         Posted by:ARIZON PRID TECHOLOGY(YANGZHOU)CO.,LTD.

    Arizon Release Anti-microwave Tag

    Arizon released the UHF RFID tag which can anti-microwave’s heating. The tag is AZ-V61 match up with MR6 series chip, it can be used widely for food that needs to be heated in the microwave.
    Arizon tested the ani-mircowave tag by using industrial grade microwave oven of Panisonic which it is always be used in convenience stores for food heating.

    Arizon’s anti-microwave tag has many advantages during actual application.

    • UHF RFID label delivers good read distance performance.
    • Attach onto empty plastic bento box for heating 1min with power 1,500W.
    • Attach onto bento box (4 edges) with 100g food inside for heating 3mins with power 1,500W.

    Remark: Arizon has applied for the patent to protect the intellectual property, all rights reserved.

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    Title of this article:Arizon Release Anti-microwave Tag
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