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  • 2017-08-24         Posted by:ARIZON PRID TECHOLOGY(YANGZHOU)CO.,LTD.

    YFY Group’s wholly owned subsidiary - Arizon RFID’s Development

    On Aug 21st of 2017, YFY group’s wholly owned subsidiary celebrated its 10 years anniversary. YFY’s CEO Felix Ho attended the celebration.
    YFY’s CEO Felix Ho made speech during the celebration and he said he is very happy to see Arizon RFID’s rapid development in past 10 years which grown from the factory of 1 bonding machine and 1 converting machine to the second largest RFID manufacturer in the world to occupy global market share of more than 25%.
    For the future, face with the explosion of RFID demand, Arizon RFID will keep on development and make investment to establish another new building to expand the capacity. Arizon RFID is expecting to reach to 10 billion pcs annual capacity before end of 2022.
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    Title of this article:YFY Group’s wholly owned subsidiary - Arizon RFID’s Development
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